On staff since: September 2018

Family: Single. However, I am from a large family in Georgia. I have two
brothers (one is my fraternal twin) and two sisters. I also have four nephews
and two nieces as well as four great-nephews and eight great-nieces so far.
Thing I am most proud of: My family, my education, and the opportunity to
serve God in ministry as a Deacon and as a Christian Educator.
In my spare time: I like to walk. I like to write. I like to travel and see the
breathtaking scenery of our world that gives us spiritual pause.

My favorite Food: Chicken dishes cooked in the crockpot!

My favorite parts of ministry: Planning programs (especially retreats and
church trips!) and special classes especially for Wednesday nights. Serving
as one of the Liturgists in worship. Teaching especially watching folks
(including myself) experience spiritual light bulb moments. Writing devotional
posts on my ministry page on Facebook.

Favorite Book: The Bible (especially the Gospels) and anything written by
Adam Hamilton. He writes in such a spiritually practical way.

Rev. Don Thrasher

Minister of Adult Discipleship