Roshondra Graham

Child Enrichment Director

The Child Enrichment Center (CEC) is designed to meet the needs of working parents by providing a safe, loving, and nurturing Christian atmosphere where children can learn, grow, and develop. The CEC is licensed by the Arkansas Department of Human Services and holds a state accreditation from Better Beginning. We accept vouchers from the Department of Human services.

CEC Mission statement:  First United Methodist Church Child Enrichment Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to building life-long learners from newborns until children are kindergarten-ready in a nurturing, Christian environment. We strive to provide the highest quality care, developmentally appropriate activities, and experiences based on individual needs that will prepare children for success in school and life.

Ages Accepted: Six weeks until they are kindergarten-ready

Hours: Monday – Friday 7:15 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Food: Snacks (morning & afternoon) and a hot lunch each day

Staff: There are sixteen employees. Many hold degrees and have a total of 145 combined years of service in child care. Employees are required to obtain 15 hours of training per year as well as be CPR certified. This requirement is met through in-service workshops.


Infant classes have a 1 to 3 teacher to child ratio. These children do not follow a class schedule; the teachers attend to the children on an individual basis since the infants nap and need to be fed at different times. The infants enjoy buggy rides around the block when weather permits. The staff is very loving and caring. Each infant receives many one-on-one times with the teachers.

Toddler classes have a 1 to 6 ratio with an aid to assist both classes. The toddlers have a monthly unit of study where they learn colors, shapes, nursery rhymes, and enjoy music and circle time. The toddlers enjoy a lot of outdoor playtime. This class begins to follow a class schedule. Toddlers need to know that their routine will be the same everyday. Our toddler teachers are very energetic and spend a lot of time on the floor playing with the children, reading, and singing with them.

Preschool classes (there are two classes)  have a ratio in these classrooms of 10 – 12 children with 2 teachers. Preschoolers go to chapel each Tuesday. A member of the church staff leads the children in a time of worship, prayer, and singing. The children enjoy music each Thursday. They learn many songs and perform two programs for their parents each year. The curriculum in our Preschool Three class is taught through themes, such as “All About Me”, “Feelings”, “Fall”, “Farm” and more. Our Preschool Four class is introduced to the alphabet and the sound of each letter. The children are challenged with many hands on activities that will prepare children for kindergarten. The preschool staff is well trained and very dedicated.

For more information, please call (479)782-1574.