Our Vision
Called to be Biblically informed and spiritually transformed to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission
We will study the Scriptures, share God’s love, and serve God in Christ.

Grace to you and peace in the name of our Lord Jesus!  That’s how we begin our worship services at First United Methodist Church.  These words echo the words of St. Paul in many of his New Testament letters.  They also indicate what we want you to experience as you visit our church or, for that matter, even our website.  We want you to find the grace of God that accepts you just as you are, yet a God who loves you so much he won’t leave you like you are.  And we want you to find peace, a haven of blessing in a world filled with brokenness, pain, and heartache.  We believe both grace and peace are rooted in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I’m Bud Reeves, one of the pastors at First United Methodist Church, and I want to welcome you to our website.  Through it you can find much information about our church, our ministries, and our schedules.  I hope it will encourage you to visit, to visit again, or to get more involved if you are already part of our church family.  We want to be of help to you on your spiritual journey, no matter where on that journey you find yourself.  Please get in touch if we can be of help or if you have any questions.

May the God of grace and peace bless your life today!

Senior Pastor: Dr. William O. (Bud) Reeves

Senior Pastor: Dr. William O. (Bud) Reeves